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In 2017, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be earning $2,000 - $20,000 per month with your own Internet Marketing business!

There’s no better way to secure your future, make money and have fun with very little overhead and minimal start-up costs!

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How To Scale From Your First $1 To $100k Per Month without doing the conventional stuff that eats up all your time.

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Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is fairly attractive paying its affiliates 40-60% commissions on its premium products.​

Legendary Marketers Club

$30/month pays 60% commission = $18/month

Club Annual - $149 - pays 60% commission = $89.40

Duplicate Dave's proven sales & marketing systems and learn exactly what you need to earn big commissions online. Exact video walkthroughs of how to create winning Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ad campaigns. Lead generation, bridge pages, tracking, Big Money Blueprint and more.

Traffic Rolodex

$47 - pays 60% commission = $28.20

Dave gives you his secret traffic sources of high quality, high converting traffic providers.

Total Transformation Experience

$3,000 - pays 40% commission = $1,200

At this workshop experience you’ll receive powerful and effective training on how to experience extraordinary results in your health and relationships, and advanced strategies on growing your wealth.

Millions From Marketing

$8,000 - pays 40% commission = $3,200

At this live workshop you’ll receive step by step training, scripts and templates to several different online businesses so you can have everything you need to start and grow your online business, or add multiple streams of income to your business portfolio.

You will also receive advanced traffic generation and marketing training to grow and scale any online or affiliate marketing business

Monthly payment plans are also available.

If you don't own the high ticket products, you can still earn commission from selling them, but only 5% instead of 40% commission.

There are no pass ups and you only earn from direct sales. It is not an MLM, it is an affiliate program.

Get started duplicating Dave's proven sales & marketing systems and learn exactly what you need to earn your first commissions online. 

Exact Walkthroughs Of How To Create Winning Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ad Campaigns.

Traffic Sources - Our secret rolodex of high quality traffic providers

...And much, much more!

What They Say About

Tom the furry hat guy

"We came to find that we just hit $150,000 in sales in just 56 days!"

Kai Lo

"New personal record of doing $25k commission in a month! My last best was around $18k in a month in 2014!"

Kevin Dube

"I never knew it could be this easy to make big commissions online. I love the sales team closing sales for me!"

Jen Lim

"Wow...$2046.20 in commissions! Not bad for my first week!"

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