“Done for You” Tools are Available

The essence of joining Duplicate Dave | Legendary Marketer  is to be able to “copy” a system that works. That’s why you’ll be handed a real Internet marketing business via “Done For You” tools.

In fact, Dave Sharpe allows you to “borrow” some of his resources so you won’t have to start from scratch, tools such as:
killer ads, email follow up, proven sales process, high converting, easy to use, we close sales for you, sales funnels, support, big commission
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Duplicate Dave | Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan is fairly attractive paying its affiliates 40-60% commissions on its premium products.
  1. Legendary Marketers Club
    $30/month pays 60% commission = $18/month
  2. Legendary Marketers Club - Club Annual
    $149 - pays 60% commission = $89.40
  3. Traffic Rolodex
    $47 - pays 60% commission = $28.20
  4. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
    $3,000 - pays 40% commission = $1,200
  5. Legendary Marketer Mastermind
    $8,000 - pays 40% commission = $3,200
  6. Legendary Lifestyle Experience
    This is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to excellence and experiencing life at levels few will ever strive for. Members will receive invitations to attend an incredible adventure in an exotic, out of the country (USA) location where they’ll play, network learn. They’ll also receive up to 1 year of personal group coaching by David Sharpe as well as exclusive private VIP days after all Legendary events and masterminds. The Legendary Lifestyle Experience is an extraordinary group of individuals striving for higher personal and professional achievement and a deeper impact on the world around them.
  7. Invisible Influencer
    Do You Want To Build A Huge Behind The Scenes Business And An Unstoppable Flow Of Traffic That You Control?

Monthly payment plans are also available.

If you don't own the high ticket products, you can still earn commission from selling them,

but only 5% instead of 40% commission.

There are no pass ups and you only earn from direct sales. It is not an MLM, it is an affiliate program.

What They Say About
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  1. Jen Lim
    Jen Lim
    "Wow...$2046.20 in commissions! Not bad for my first week!"
  2. Kai Lo
    Kai Lo
    "New personal record of doing $25k commission in a month! My last best was around $18k in a month in 2014!"
  3. Kevin Dube
    Kevin Dube
    "I never knew it could be this easy to make big commissions online. I love the sales team closing sales for me!"
  4. Tom the furry hat guy
    Tom the furry hat guy
    "We came to find that we just hit $150,000 in sales in just 56 days!"
  5. Ryan Jacobs
    Ryan Jacobs
    "I never knew it could be this easy to make big commissions online. I love the sales team closing sales for me!"
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